To help more people, I will start 3 Projects this October 2022. Today is the 10th, and I will only have 20 more days to finish them.

If any of these is of your interest, we can collaborate.


The Lokal Project will help small business increase their customers.

I will begin here at Los Banos. I will promote the places we frequent and those places worth exploring. If you are new in the UPLB area, may these guides help you.

Want to Travel? My sister is a travel agent. I will start a travel website soon. But before that, I recommend contacting her since their packages are affordable.  

Are you looking for team-building venues? We are going to make a list of team-building venues. I asked my friends to contribute too. I believe we can help more people find great places to build great teams. 


Instead of a blog, I decided to present the article collections. The articles will answer questions, help you solve problems, or introduce new insights.


These articles are lists of answers to some questions. I will explore 7 Ways first, then add more later. I will write each day but will publish every Friday.

  • 7 Problem-Solving Tools
  • 7 Creativity Tools
  • 7 Ways to Drive Result
  • 7 Ways to Encourage A Sense of Ownership
  • 7 Ways to Lead by Example
  • 7 Personal Growth Hacks

How-to Articles

I will be writing more how-to articles. I will provide a step-by-step guide for leaders. In addition, I will provide helpful content for managers and entrepreneurs. 

  • How to Start A Business
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • How to Make Quality Decisions
  • How to Solve Problems at Work

Next month, I may start writing about how teachers and other professionals can monetize their expertise. If you are interested to learn more, read some of my 1000x Articles.

Creating Engines

This is a three-month project. I will create new adventures in product creation, marketing, and networking. 

Product Creation

I am starting to consider my mortality. There is a sense of urgency to create products that will make a difference in the world and provide financial freedom to my family. I am creating tiny businesses that will support people and earn a lot of profit.

I will create online courses, run online classes, and provide on-demand webinars and workshops. I see myself running fewer live workshops. Instead, I am going to find experts who can run some of my programs — and I will help them create products that transform people’s lives.

I will consider creating physical products. Then, perhaps, I will publish books, workbooks, and job aids.

And while doing this, I will document my progress. I am developing a system that works, and I want to ensure that it can be duplicated and improved next quarter.


I will focus my marketing on three areas and not break the chain.

I will employ email marketing like a genius. That means that I will not wait for people to contact me. Each day, I will email 20 people. First, I will share helpful content 8 of 10 times. Then, I will provide them with opportunities to join my workshops and webinars.

My marketing will pay attention to building trusting relationships. 

I will record videos. In particular, I will create the following:

  • motivational videos
  • training videos
  • indoctrination videos
  • tiny courses

My website SEO is working well, though the recent Google update negatively affects some of my popular articles. So, aside from writing articles, I will revise how I present my landing pages. I will turn them into video-first landing pages. I will split-test them, of course.

Again, I will document all of these to ensure that I learned deliberately. Finally, I will find the magic in the method.


This is also a three-month project. I am going to build a network of professionals. It is not easy to do this, I know. But I will create platforms where I can bring them all together.

I am not sure which ones to start. I will consider the following

  • Managers & Leaders
  • Professionals Who Aspire to Facilitate Team Building
  • A Hub for Trainers

I will update this page at the end of the month.

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