My Toastmasters Journey: Building Leaders with Heart

When I started my journey with Toastmasters back in 2006, I never realized how much it would change my life. In my first year, I became Vice President for Education. This role helped me learn how to keep track of people and motivate them.

Let me share a story about a fellow Toastmaster named Ed (not his real name). Ed joined Toastmasters seven years before me. In all those years, he delivered just five speeches and struggled with confidence. But we had a chat. We set goals. With those goals, Ed’s journey changed.

Within just seven months, Ed delivered 15 more speeches. He finished his Competent Communication manual and two advanced manuals. He even earned the title of Advanced Toastmaster Bronze and later Advanced Toastmaster Silver. Ed’s story changed because we cared for him and his growth.

What helped Ed a lot was a mentor. This mentor guided Ed in preparing his speeches. And that’s something we believe in Toastmasters – mentorship speeds up learning. When we care for each other, when we mentor each other, we all grow.

When people say, “Toastmasters is where leaders are built,” I think of Ed. I believe it’s not just the program that builds leaders. It’s the people who show care for others.

Now, I’m still with Toastmasters, and my journey continues. I’ve been club president three times, an Area Governor twice, and currently an Area Director. All these roles taught me more about leadership.

So, if you’re thinking of joining Toastmasters, I say go for it! It’s a place where we build leaders with heart. Stay tuned for more of my leadership journey stories.

Remember, the true meaning of leadership is helping others to grow.


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