What do you want to achieve in life? Is it crazy enough?

I want you to know that once you start dreaming big, people will laugh at you. They’ll say that you are getting crazy. This is because most people think you cannot do better than they do.

That’s not your fault, of course.

Most people think that they have reached their limits. They’ve done everything they could do. Their proof is that they have worked hard each day, they’re tired, and there is nothing more they can do.

They believe their own reasoning, nay, delusion. The delusion of the comfort zone makes people think they’ve done everything.

In truth, you can do more than what most people think you can. You can do more than what you think you can. You only need to jump to the learning zone because it is ten times better and bigger than where you are today.

So, when you dream, dream big. Don’t allow what people think of themselves become your measure.

And how do you dream big?

Think 10x.

That is, think of something ten times beautiful, ten times better, and ten times greater than what you have now. You can do it ten times harder or ten times smarter. You only need to be crazy enough to think you can.

Because you can.

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