Five Ways to Build Loyal Employees

loyal employees

Loyalty is a function of respect and allegiance to you… and it is the glue that ties your people to the jobs.

More and more business owners and organizational leaders contact me to train their people to be loyal. They want me to change their attitudes. They want me to make them realize that it is to the employees ultimate benefit to be loyal.

They missed the mile. I am not an expert when it comes to making employees loyal to the business. I cannot train the employees to be loyal. Because the person you need to train, I tell them often, is you.

Your people will not be loyal to the company, they’ll be loyal to you. You will be one of the main reasons why many of them will stay or leave. You have to work on you to create loyal employees. It helps to remember these five Cs: Care, Competence, Confidence, Consistency, and Congruency.

Care. People will know care for you… until they know that you care for them.

Competence. People will follow you if you yourself can show that you can get the job done.

Confidence. People will follow you up to the ends of the earth if you have utmost belief in what you do. Many leaders who walk with blindfolds never get a following.

Consistency. People are loyal to a person of principle, one who will give each person what is due him. You can have a person you like most, but they will not follow someone who changes his “principles” every now and then.

. People follow you if you walk your talk. This is one of the most difficult part. A person of integrity gets loyal people.

For your quick workshop, I encourage you to look into your five Cs. Which of these you need to work on? Ask your people, they know.

Explore more ideas from this website. Many of my ideas here can help you work on each of the Cs for creating loyal employees.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


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