Dream Great Dreams

What do you dream about every day? Whatever you dream about creates a burning desire to make them come true.

Dreaming dreams is in our DNA. It is impossible not to dream. Whatever we dream about, we pay attention.

My family felt the crisis hard.

I was anxious about the Covid-19 pandemic. For some weeks, I had sleepless nights and aching body when I woke up in the morning. It felt like I was floating from one day to the next.

My wife had work problems. She felt that a co-worker, a former boss, was making life difficult for her. Because of the daily stress, we lost a child.

We were angry.

I heard that only a dead fish go with the flow of the river. It felt like that.

But we are not dead fish. We fulfill our dreams.

Those who think of negative things every day are dreaming about negative things. Those who look for opportunities during this crisis are dreaming great dreams.

Be aware of what you are dreaming about every day.

You will fulfill your negative dreams. Negative dreams will destroy you.

You will fulfill your great dreams. Great dreams will make you grow great.

You will bounce forward today. Dream great dreams.

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