Design Sprint for Health & Wellness

Design Sprints started in Google’s workplace. They designed customer-centric solutions and they do it very fast. It is now also used by Facebook, Apple, social entrepreneurs, and even government agencies around the world.

Sprints are practical way of designing solutions to the challenges in an organization. It takes five days to finish a sprint. Typically, on the fourth day of the program, participants have already created prototypes of their solutions.

The Design Sprint for Health & Wellness will ensure that participants find specific information and strategies on building a Wellness Program for each of the participant’s worksite. They will not be creating a cookie cutter program because each worksite is unique.

The Health Wellness Program that each participant may create can be used by each to fit their needs.

Participants will be guided on how to formulate Comprehensive Health and Wellness Plan. They’ll also create tools and processes that ensure the easy implementation of their plan.

The Workshop will also equip the participants:

  • Why Have a Workplace Wellness Program
  • How to Get Started (including the six easy steps to creating a Wellness Program)
  • How to Engage Employee
  • How to Ass the Workplace Wellness Environment
  • Creating Programming Strategies and Resources
  • Where to Focus the Wellness Program Effort
  • Evaluating the Wellness Program

There will be preliminary tasks that will be sent to each participant at least two weeks before the workshop.

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