Clear Vision

Most vision statements don’t inspire people to action because they don’t give people meaning.

It takes many organizations months to come up with a vision statement. When it is done, it cannot move a soul for being lifeless and vague.

To find out if you have a really compelling vision, ask your employees what your vision means to them. If none can recite or even remember, it is an indicator that your vision is as clear as mud.

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How to Be Bigger than Your Financial Problems

One assumption Filipinos have is that when one lacks money, he can’t do anything. One who lacks money finds it difficult to be healthy socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Lack of money breaks many relationships too. I am no stranger to

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Live this day as if it were your last.

How old are you now? Do you think that you still have fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, or five years to live? Do you think you’ll get to 100 years old – and get 100,000 pesos from the government?

I hope to live until I am 100. I hope to live healthy, strong and evergreen. I hope to live wealthy and wise each day of my life for so many years that there is no time to get tired of living.

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It is OK to say NO

As professionals, we must say yes to opportunities. Saying YES makes us more creative and innovative. But saying YES to everything isn’t healthy. This is because not everything we must do is equal. This is because not everything that is

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About Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin writes about personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. In Thrive, you will find proven and easy ways to get rid of procrastination and be a go-giver. He explores new ideas about motivation, habits, productivity, and delivering persuasive speeches.

He is a professional speaker, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and the founder of Business Innovation.

He lives in Los Baños with his beautiful wife Romelyn and son Jefferson Carlos. Aside from speaking, coaching, and writing – Jef Menguin enjoys planting ornamental plants, vegetables, and herbs in his backyard. You can learn more about him here.

You can read his writings at Articles.

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