There are many excuses why people can’t lead. And there are more ways how to become a leader.

“I cannot lead because I am too young”.

You can start learning how to become a leader as early as first grade.

How old are you now? When do you think is the right time to lead?

Say goodbye to I-am-too-young-to-lead excuse for this will not do you any good. It will delay your growth. It will derail your success.

I don’t need to know how to lead because I am already old.

That you are already old can be true. But it has nothing much to do with learning how to become a leader.

Think about this: Duterte was already 71 years old when 39 million Filipinos elected him to the presidency. Not only that, he chose some of his teachers as cabinet secretaries. Look at Leonor Briones, She didn’t consider herself too old when she accepted the post. I don’t know your opinion of her performance but around the world, there are older people who take on new leadership roles every day.

Old people can lead. And they can still learn new things.

As long as you live, you have the opportunity to lead.

I can’t lead because I do not have a title.

Titles aren’t required for you to lead. Seriously, if you do not have a title, let me create some for you. Choose any or choose all: Supreme Commander of Good Service, Director for Positive Change, Chief Inspiration Officer, Chairman of the Board, or President.

Titles can help people understand what you do. But you do not need a grand title to be a better leader and to make a difference.

Based on my experiences, sometimes a title may hinder you from leading. There is much challenge and adventure when you are leading from the bottom. Most of those at the top of the leadership totem pole spend their hours attending ceremonies and busy themselves signing documents instead of actually leading people.

I am not ready to lead.

That’s good. At least you are very aware of your level of readiness. Don’t worry, you can get help. Just remember, you don’t have to wait until you are ready to make a difference.

Listen to this and think clearly: you don’t have to be an author for you to be ready to write; you must start writing now for you to become an author. it goes without saying that you have to start leading now so you can become a better leader.

Below, I will share with you many opportunities to learn how to lead and create for yourself better ways to get yourself ready for leadership.

I want to become a better leader, but I do not know how.

I say that you only need to pick opportunities to lead. Volunteer. There are opportunities inside and outside of your organization. Leading others is as important as knowing what leadership is.

You can also enroll yourself in training programs that will help you develop skills. I recommend the two programs below.

exemplary leadership

Breakthrough Leadership Workshops

Breakthrough Leadership is a training program for leaders who have the courage to do what they’ve not done before to achieve great results.

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