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110 Business Ideas for Students

I know of many students who started their business while in high school. I also met students who started thinking about business ideas because of a school project.

Many business ideas don’t get realized because students do not have the capital they believe they need to start a business.

So, I thought I should share with you 100 business ideas today. Maybe, you can find one that will inspire you to start your own business.

And if you are looking for a business or a side hustle to help you earn money for tuition, these ideas may also help.

 You don’t have to wait until you’ve completed your degree to start making a real impact and earning your income. Your journey toward entrepreneurship can begin right now while you are a student. 

A student’s life is a rich blend of experiences, creativity, and innovation – a combination that is ripe for entrepreneurial ventures.

Why Start A Business

Starting your own business or exploring side hustles are not only excellent ways to earn money but also provide invaluable learning experiences. 

It allows you to understand the nuances of financial independence, strategic planning, decision-making, and resilience. These are traits that are key to thriving in the world beyond the classroom.

As someone who started earning my own money in grade 3, with no capital, I can tell you that age or experience doesn’t have to be a barrier in your entrepreneurial journey. 

With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of hard work, and a heap of perseverance, you can transform your ideas into reality, one small step at a time.

100 Business Ideas for Students

The following list of business ideas that you can start for 1000 pesos or less is not just about making money. It is about harnessing your potential to create value for your community. 

These businesses reflect our shared responsibility towards society and the environment.

Remember, every successful journey begins with a single step. Here are 100 steps that you can choose from.

I hope these ideas inspire you to start your entrepreneurial journey and motivate you to become the change you wish to see in the world.

Let’s begin!

  1. Used Book Exchange: Start a book exchange service within your campus or community.
  2. Plant Seedlings: Grow and sell small plants or seedlings.
  3. Tutoring Service: Offer tutoring services for younger students or peers.
  4. Homemade Crafts: Sell handmade crafts such as jewelry, paintings, etc.
  5. Organic Vegetable Gardening: Start a small vegetable garden and sell the produce locally.
  6. Cleaning Service: Offer cleaning services for homes in your neighborhood.
  7. Blogging: Start a blog and monetize it with advertisements and affiliate links.
  8. Pet Walking Service: Offer to walk dogs or pet-sitting services.
  9. Social Media Management: Manage social media accounts for local businesses.
  10. Photography Service: Offer photography services for events.
  11. Resume Writing Service: Help others in writing and updating their resumes.
  12. Bicycle Repair: Offer bicycle repair services for your community.
  13. Composting: Start a composting business to help manage organic waste.
  14. Knitting or Sewing Service: Make and sell handmade clothes or offer a repair service.
  15. Personal Fitness Trainer: If you’re into fitness, you can offer personal training services.
  16. Youtube Channel: Start a YouTube channel on a subject you’re passionate about and monetize it.
  17. Organic Soap Making: Make and sell organic soaps.
  18. Mushroom Farming: Grow and sell organic mushrooms.
  19. Handyman Service: If you’re good at fixing things, offer handyman services.
  20. ESL Tutoring: Teach English to non-native speakers online.
  21. Fresh Juice Stand: Sell fresh, homemade juices.
  22. Personal Shopper: Offer personal shopping services for busy individuals.
  23. DIY Workshop Tutor: Teach DIY skills to others.
  24. Greenhouse Gardening: Grow plants in a small greenhouse and sell them.
  25. Cooking Class: If you’re good at cooking, start cooking classes.
  26. Computer Troubleshooting: Offer computer repair and troubleshooting services.
  27. Homemade Candle Making: Make and sell homemade candles.
  28. Used Clothing Store: Collect and sell used clothes.
  29. Home Bakery: Start a small bakery from your kitchen and sell baked goods.
  30. E-books: Write and sell e-books on subjects you’re knowledgeable about.
  31. Graphic Design Service: Offer graphic design services to local businesses.
  32. Data Entry Service: Offer data entry services.
  33. Online Tutoring: Teach subjects you’re good at online.
  34. Document Translation: If you’re bilingual, offer document translation services.
  35. Voice Over Services: Offer voice-over services for videos and advertisements.
  36. Personal Assistant: Offer personal assistant services to busy individuals.
  37. Virtual Language Tutor: Teach a language you’re fluent in online.
  38. Homemade Beauty Products: Make and sell homemade organic beauty products.
  39. Homemade Snacks: Make and sell homemade snacks.
  40. Car Wash: Start a car washing service.
  41. Phone Repair: Offer mobile phone repair services.
  42. Portrait Drawing: Draw and sell portraits.
  43. Secondhand Tech: Buy and resell used tech equipment like phones and laptops.
  44. Guided Tours: If you live in a tourist area, offer guided tours.
  45. Essay Editing: Offer essay writing and editing services.
  46. Music Lessons: Give music lessons if you’re skilled in an instrument.
  47. Sustainable Event Planning: Organize events with an emphasis on sustainability.
  48. Online Art Classes: Teach art classes online.
  49. Meditation Classes: Teach meditation classes online or in-person.
  50. Vegan or Vegetarian Food Stand: Sell vegan or vegetarian foods.
  51. Digital Marketing Consulting: Offer digital marketing services to small businesses.
  52. Homemade Pet Food: Make and sell homemade pet foods or treats.
  53. Balcony Gardening Service: Help people set up and maintain their balcony gardens.
  54. Plant Care Classes: Teach people how to care for different types of plants.
  55. Content Creation: Write articles or create videos for businesses.
  56. Podcasting: Start a podcast on a topic you’re passionate about and earn through sponsorships.
  57. Personal Finance Consulting: Offer consulting on budgeting and saving money.
  58. Refurbished Furniture: Collect, refurbish, and sell old furniture.
  59. Herb Growing: Grow and sell fresh herbs.
  60. Sustainable Fashion: Make and sell clothes from recycled materials.
  61. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service: Use environmentally-friendly products to clean homes and offices.
  62. Custom Face Mask Making: Make and sell custom face masks.
  63. House Sitting: Look after homes while owners are away.
  64. Nutrition Consultant: Offer nutrition and diet consulting services.
  65. DIY Beauty Classes: Teach DIY beauty treatments and remedies.
  66. Children’s Book Author: Write and self-publish children’s books.
  67. Homework Helper: Assist younger students with their homework.
  68. Online Dance Classes: Teach dance classes online.
  69. Zero-Waste Consulting: Offer consulting to help people reduce their waste.
  70. Virtual Yoga Instructor: Teach yoga classes online.
  71. Custom T-Shirt Printing: Design and print custom t-shirts.
  72. Online Coding Classes: Teach coding classes online.
  73. Toy Swap Service: Organize a toy swap service for children in your neighborhood.
  74. Language Exchange Events: Organize language exchange events for people who want to practice foreign languages.
  75. Indoor Plant Consultant: Offer consulting services for maintaining indoor plants.
  76. Miniature Model Making: Make and sell miniature models.
  77. Recycled Art: Create and sell art using recycled materials.
  78. Freelance Writing: Offer freelance writing services to businesses and websites.
  79. Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Consulting: Help businesses transition to environmentally-friendly packaging.
  80. Seed Swapping Events: Organize seed swapping events for local gardeners.
  81. Online Cooking Classes: Teach cooking classes online.
  82. Social Media Influencer: Use your social media presence to promote sustainable brands.
  83. Greeting Card Making: Make and sell custom greeting cards.
  84. Birdhouse Making: Make and sell birdhouses.
  85. Virtual Reality Experience: Provide VR experiences if you have a VR set.
  86. Neighborhood Recycling Program: Start a recycling program in your neighborhood.
  87. Local History Tours: Offer local history tours if you live in a historic area.
  88. Sustainable Living Blog: Write about your journey towards sustainable living and monetize your blog.
  89. Natural Dye Clothing: Make and sell clothing dyed with natural dyes.
  90. Bicycle Rentals: Rent out bicycles for tourists or locals to get around.
  91. Homemade Jam Making: Make and sell homemade jams.
  92. Scrapbook Making: Make and sell custom scrapbooks.
  93. Community Clean-Up Organizer: Organize community clean-up events.
  94. Organic Fertilizer Production: Produce and sell organic fertilizers.
  95. Aquarium Setup and Maintenance: Offer services to set up and maintain home aquariums.
  96. Custom Sticker Making: Make and sell custom stickers.
  97. Local Guided Runs: If you’re into running, offer guided runs in your area.
  98. Homemade Pickle Making: Make and sell homemade pickles.
  99. Educational Board Game Creation: Design and create educational board games.
  100. Healthy Snack Boxes: Put together and sell boxes of healthy snacks.
  101. Reusable Shopping Bags: Make and sell reusable shopping bags.
  102. Personalized Gift Service: Create and deliver personalized gifts for special occasions.
  103. Online Math Tutoring: Offer your skills as a math tutor online.
  104. Local Organic Honey: If you can invest in a couple of beehives, you could start producing and selling your own honey.
  105. Custom Bookmark Making: Design and sell custom bookmarks.
  106. DIY Home Decor Classes: Teach people how to make their own home decor.
  107. Mobile Phone Accessories: Source and sell mobile phone accessories.
  108. Motivational Speaker: Start a motivational speaking business, offering services to schools, community groups, and businesses.
  109. Custom Planner Making: Design and create customized daily planners.
  110. Indoor Air Quality Consulting: Help people improve the air quality in their homes or offices with plants and other natural solutions.

Remember, each business idea requires careful planning and research before you start. Make sure you’re aware of any necessary permits, regulations, or certifications that may apply.

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