Why Tools Are Only as Good as the People Using Them

Let’s talk about something crucial: tools and systems. You can have the most excellent systems in place. Your processes are documented down to the last detail. You know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be delivered.

But if the person assigned to the job isn’t confident, they’ll hesitate and procrastinate. They’ll wait for you to make decisions because they don’t know how.

I’ve realized this has nothing to do with intelligence. It’s all about commitment to make things happen, and the courage to make mistakes and the courage to win. You can hire intelligent people who have the ability to become competent. They can learn how to win, but if they haven’t experienced winning, you can’t expect it from them.

It’s easier to play it safe when you’re not committed. It’s easier to keep waiting when courage isn’t necessary. As a boss, it’s essential to know this so you don’t get frustrated. Something that’s easy for you to do might be a mountain for someone else. Something that delights you could scare others to death.

So, before you look for tools, improve your processes, or create a fail-proof system, look for the right person. It’s always about who first, then what. Once you have the right people, your tools will come in handy.

Until next time,

Jef Menguin

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