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Competency Strategy

What’s the difference between good and great?

An effective competency strategy sets the stage for organizational success, aligns your talent with overall business objectives, and creates a highly successful change initiative. Getting your competency strategy right the first time is imperative, not just for the success of the initiative but for the continued use of competencies as your organization grows and changes.

In our competency strategy sessions, we facilitate conversations with key leaders in your organization to engage in a structured discovery and decision-making process that lays the groundwork for successful implementation.

Expert-guided discovery, facilitation, and planning accelerate success and overcome the typical barriers to success.

In these sessions, you will:
• Align your competency strategies with overall business objectives.
• Identify and plan the desired impact on leadership culture, talent processes, and HR
• systems.
• Explore change management strategies that ensure widespread adoption.
While not a prerequisite for creating your competency model, these strategy sessions significantly increase your chances of success by incorporating this critical input into activating your business strategy.
Session one: Strategic direction.
Together, we collaborate to create a context for your competency initiative as we:
1) Determine the key links between your strategic goals and composition of your leadership.
2) Develop the business case for executive buy-in.
3) Build leader consensus around competency strategy.
4) Define the leadership culture that the competencies need to drive.

Your pre-work will be a survey completed by senior executives that identifies current state vs. desired future state. Results will be shared during the session and implications discussed. This is the basis for driving the strategic direction session toward alignment.

Session two: Tactical execution.
After a strategy is established, we work with the team responsible for the more tactical issues associated with the implementation of the competencies to address topics such as:

1) How the competency framework will help you align and integrate your talent management processes.
2) Technology integration.
3) Change management.

The result: A competency management and implementation road map.
The output of the two sessions is a road map for competency design, management, implementation, and change management that links to your business and talent objectives.

The road map also aligns strategy drivers and talent strategy with culture, technology, systems, and talent processes as the organization define its competency strategy and serve as a guide for future competency modeling activities.


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