implementing competencies

Competency Implementation

Competency implementation is about more than checking the boxes on an implementation guide. It’s about inspiring people — across the entire organization — to change behavior to align with your business strategy.

Competency implementation is how you build a performance-driven culture, person by person.
We provide the critical expertise, experience, tools, and insight necessary to make your implementation a complete success.

Implementing your competency model.

Our competency implementation experts work with your human resource and talent management teams to execute your competency model. We use an interactive process to understand your people, goals, technology, and processes that align your model with your organization’s unique culture and strategy.
This process ensures that each employee is engaged and embraces the benefits of aligning their behaviors and actions to what matters most for personal and organizational impact.

We can also help you improve enterprise-wide transformation and behavioural change with optional communication, training, marketing, and change management strategies and plans, including:
A detailed plan for rolling out activities so you can address questions such as:
• How will the competencies be introduced?
• What media and tools will be used?
• How will each employee be introduced to the competencies?

Awareness communication and training.
1. “Train the trainer” sessions and certifications.
2. Iconography — an approach to displaying competencies that supports easy adoption.

Engagement Strategies
1. Gamification – the application of game-based elements to engage learners and achieve goals.
2. Influencer Model – A new approach of using influencing strategies to drive results.
3. Employee Engagement Management – Improve employee engagements using design thinking tools.

Learning Experiences
1. Learning sessions- short programs that address specific competencies.
2. Online courses – short courses that are accessible online for Corporate Learning Partners
3. Seminars, Workshops, and Masterclasses – competency-based programs from one to three days

Other communication and support materials that help enable success across your organization.

The results: Successful implementation and widespread adoption so you can deliver results that really matter.

We can help you achieve greater competency adoption and move your entire organization forward with people who can activate your strategy and drive higher business performance and success.


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