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To thrive is to grow vigorously, to flourish, to prosper, and to achieve one’s goal in whatever circumstances. In Tagalog, to thrive means magpaunlad, yumabong, magtagumpay -- mabuhay!

To thrive is to be fully alive.

Read practical guides on leadership, personal development, entrepreneurship, and persuasive speaking. Get you ideas on motivation, focus, gratitude, productivity, and habits. Seventy percent of valuable lessons and ideas from this website, you can get for free. Most of them, you will find in Thrive.

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I will host webinars for Filipino professionals starting in September 2020. I will show a step-by-step guide on how you can manage the crisis, control your situation, and leap forward.

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Join the Thrive Community

Join the Thrive Community, Get connected with people who want to become leaders too. The Thrive Community offers you opportunities to get new insights, tools, and strategies. Be the first one to know about our free online courses, webinars, and virtual meetups. The Community is intended to bring Filipino leaders together. That means that there …

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Bounce Forward Webinars

I will host webinars for Filipino professionals starting in September 2020. I will show a step-by-step guide on how you can manage the crisis, control your situation, and leap forward.

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Competency Development

A common problem of many organizations is that they don’t have “competent” people. To solve this, organizations invested gazillions of pesos in employee training and development. Unfortunately, many of these training programs are hit-and-miss. This is why I partner with organizations to develop competency strategy, model, and implementation so they can develop competent employees more effectively. …

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Purposes of Team Building

Team building is a combination of interventions you make to inspire, equip, and enable a team to succeed. It is not an event, a collection of games, or an intellectual concept. Team building initiatives fail when organizers focus on rituals but ignore reasons, are obsessed with activities and ignore applications, when they think of games …

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Play bigger.

Leaders who play bigger do not sabotage themselves by trying to succeed in many things. They don’t measure their worth by how many hours they worked in a day, people met, or tasks completed.

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Grow Your Leadership

Leadership isn’t a title or a position; it is a disposition. If you can dream to change the world and pay for it with everything you have, you are a leader. There is a seed of leadership in each of us.  We can choose to germinate that seed and plant it in fertile soil where …

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Lead Amidst the Challenges of the Covid-19 Crisis

The Covid-19 crisis shows us opportunities that most of us have not seen before. Leaders, this is the best time to demonstrate our leadership. As the coronavirus spreads around the world, leaders face unique, if not unprecedented, challenges.  Many so-called charismatic leaders, those who thought of themselves as geniuses, are imploding.  And some leaders are …

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A call for voluntary ECQ

How are you today? I pray that you are safe wherever you are. Three days ago, medical workers urged the government to declare ECQ in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. ECQ will delay the spread of the Coronavirus. Medical workers know that ECQ is not a solution. But it is a necessary step so the …

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