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I learned much of what I know about teamwork and leadership by playing games.

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When I was  young, for kids my age, play was not just play. It was life. We are serious about play and the fun we had was real. I lived in time and age when games are actually playing with other people. Everything then was social.

Seriously, we played real social games.

As we learned to develop our skills in winning games, we also learned about leadership, strategy,  execution, and teamwork. Yes, we actually learned these abstract concepts though we did not know there we words for what we innately learned.

More importantly, we learned the value of life and friendships.

I still believe in the power of social games. But now that I am older, I use games to help people learn. I used games to accelerate learning, not just to make people enjoy and have fun away from work.

When you consider recent discoveries in human psychology and human performance, you will be more careful about games.

Games are so powerful in changing behaviors that in the hands of amateurs games may result to small wars. Turf wars and negative office politics already exist at work. You definitely do not want to make them worse.

So you need to have the right mindset about teamwork and work.

Work is sacred. Because of work we get what we want. Our team building programs will help you love your work even more. We want you to go back to your workplace a different person. Someone who values your company and the people who need you to be there every day.

So, our team building programs go beyond playing games.

As you must have guessed, unlike most of the team building providers in the Philippines, we see our clients as partners. Our job is not just to facilitate their annual team games. Facilitation is only a part of what we do.

We help organizations build teams 10x better.

This why we begin where you are.

  • We understand you and work with you to discover the potentials in your organization.
  • We work with you to seek as many solutions to your challenges — and find ways to help you grab opportunities you have not seen before.
  • We provide you opportunities to choose the best solutions — and they usually go beyond having team building workshops.
  • Only then we design your team building workshops – and other solutions your company and us will find.

Though I have conducted hundreds of team building programs in the Philippines and abroad, I want you to know that your programs are meant for you.

We may use some of the games we played somewhere else. We may offer you the same tools we offered to company a, m, and z. We deliberately choose the best games and intentionally selected the most effective tools for you.

We have more than a thousand games in our archives. There are tools for specific challenges.

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