Build A Team of Innovators

It is easy to think that an individual innovator causes everything to change.

This is not true.

Innovators are always working with other innovators. Celebrity innovators are the faces of the organization. But those who made things happen are the people who work with them.

Leaders learn to innovate when they work with innovators. Creativity and innovation flourish in an environment that encourages leaders to grow and blossom.

I encourage you to champion creativity and innovation in teams. Germinate the seeds of intrapreneurship. Send all your employees to intrapreneurship workshops. Allow them to learn how to solve problems and create opportunities.

Bring a leadership speaker who can encourage leaders to breathe innovation.

Let leaders practice innovation by using the tools of Design Thinking. Get them to understand customers using Customer Journey Mapping. Make them use Gamestorming to produce gazillion of ideas.

Help leaders change the story of your organization.

Find Creative People


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