Virtual Team Building Facilitators in the Philippines

A team-building facilitator helps teams learn team skills to improve team performance. With the help of a process facilitator, you can design interventions that can help members improve performance, building relationships, and drive results.

virtual team building philippines
Virtual team building activities bring people together.

Teams will be able to accomplish assignments without having to hire a virtual team facilitator. But, sometimes, external help accelerates team learning and growth. If you are here because you are looking for a facilitator who can lead your virtual team building activities, we can help you.

Do you have nonteam players? 

Learn practical ways to influence them to value teamwork. Nonplayers aren’t necessarily bad people. Often, they have good intentions. Learn how to speak to them — and leave them okay as a person after your conversation.

Do you have team members who are too busy for teamwork? 

Many organizations have this problem too. The closest they have for team building is an outing done once a year — of every three years — where they compete against each other. You may continue holding your outdoor events. The purpose of a team building trainer is to build skills and help your team improve team processes.

Team learning makes you work better when together.

Do you have team members who are laggards and deadwoods? 

It is disheartening to work hard while others are not, especially if they enjoy the same rewards as the rest of the team. Align their actions to the motivations of the team and manage performance.

Do personality conflicts hinder productivity and high performance among team members? 

A team learning on interpersonal communication can help. You can also introduce conflict management training. You can manage conflict effectively — and turn conflicts into collaboration. Be trained to give and to receive feedback.

Do you have knowledge hogs? 

These team members do not share information. Examine your rewards system. In many organizations, rewards systems encourage cheating and in-fighting. 

Do you have team members who do not demonstrate a sense of personal accountability? 

Make each person accountable for results. In most team building programs, members’ main problems are “other members” who do not have personal accountability. The “other members” are always the source of team problems. A team building training on individual and team accountability may help.

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