Every member of high-performing teams works for the good of all. All works for the good of everyone.

This happens to every team with a shared and meaningful purpose. Team members embrace, live your purpose everyday. Everyone agrees that your purpose is the very reason why your team exists.

A shared and meaningful purpose inspires commitment. That’s because when know precisely where you are going — and when you know that your destination is better than where you are today — you become bold, brave, and big. You will be going to the future with the help of your team mates. And you’ll never be alone.

Your team purpose allows everyone in the team to compete against the standards — not against each other. A compelling purpose unites. Purpose focuses us on the future in a meaningful way.

Human beings are meaning-making creatures. In high-performing teams, members do not just work for the sake of work. They work to make a difference.

Positive Team Building helps leaders and team members clarify team purpose in easy, fun, and memorable ways. For example, by asking positive questions, you’ll be able to discover once again what you love about your team — and how joining your team multiplies the value you provide to your organization.

In Positive Team Building, you’ll have opportunities to share stories of your values, dreams, and aspirations. Through conversations, you’ll understand how members of your team work when they are at their best. You will see clearly what attracts you to the future.

You’ll also learn how to use tools that will help team members come into agreement. You’ll experience this when you work on your team charter. Leaders will learn how to plan, set goals, and execute their goals.

You’ll have opportunities to grow your team like a gardener. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how your team works at its best — and how to nurture the best of you.

Big goals make your purpose visible. Every member of the team measure their performance based on your goals — on a daily basis. Your goals serve as your score card — and you score card tells you that you are making a difference.

My name is Jef Menguin. I am professional team building facilitator in the Philippines. I also help organizations implement leadership development programs, improve customer experiences, and solve problems through design thinking.

I have conducted leadership training programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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