Intentional communication is the key to keeping your team informed, focused, and moving forward.

As much as you encourage everyone to express themselves freely, clearly, and authentically — you must also create an environment where all communication is directed towards the positive and everything that will help you grow.

Understand that even in low performing teams, you can find a lot of communication. Unfortunately, many of team communications lead to downward spiral.

In Positive Team Building, you encourage team members to align communication to what will make you grow. Your aim is upward spiral.

You can start developing intentional communication by becoming a better listener. Listen with an open mind. Hear the entire message and find out how you can bring the communication to a higher level.

Intentional communication isn’t necessarily free of bias. In fact, your communication prefers the positives, the potentialities, growth, and everything that is beautiful and creative.

Encourage your team members to use communication that increases trust and gives more attention to opportunities and solutions. Invest in intentional communication program – it will pay off.


My name is Jef Menguin. I am professional team building facilitator in the Philippines. I also help organizations implement leadership development programs, improve customer experiences, and solve problems through design thinking.

I have conducted leadership training programs in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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