Experience team learning!

To all our friends visiting the Philippines to enjoy the hospitality of our people and experience why many people say Wow! Philippines, we encourage you to hold your next team building in the Philippines.

As you enjoy the beautiful and exciting destinations in the Philippines, grab the opportunity to create new experiences for your team to help them improve performance, increase sales, delight customers, and be more creative and innovative.

Our group, the Philippine Team Building Facilitators, can design for you learning experiences which are fun and relevant to your organization.

All our facilitators can speak both Filipino and English. And when you need facilitators who can also speak Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Thai, we will find them for you. Of course, we can also teach you how to speak Filipino so you can get to know more about our culture and enjoy your visit even more.

We conduct team building workshops in many parts of the Filipinos.

We can create for you exciting programs in Metro Manila, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Bulacan, Subic, Baguio, Davao, Iloilo, Bohol, Palawan – and other provinces and major cities in the Philippines.

Our Simple Approach

We always begin by understanding what you want. Our team will help you identify your needs and objectives for conducting team building in the Philippines.

You will decide whether you only want pure fun or you want great learning with great fun activities.

We want to have fun. And we love it most when you want to make teams which are productive, focused, and aligned.

Recreational activities can be helpful in building camarederie. Reacreational activities can make you learn about each other. But why not make the value of your visit to the Philippines 10 times more valuable by making everyone get new skills and attitudes to improve performance.

For our friends who are visiting the Philippines, we pick games that are safe and to your liking. Instead of Sports games (which is really not for everyone), we instead create engagement activities which allow your teams to create solutions meaningful to them.

Experiential learning and gamification techniques are effective ways to engage your teams (including the millennials)!

Jef Menguin

When you need a facilitator…

You can equip your team to play bigger. On your next team building events, provide your team with new experiences that can move them from playing games to playing bigger for your business. You can convert your team building into meaningful team learning experiences.

Make the most of your corporate money and show your team that teamwork is really important to you.

I can help you. Please go to the Team Facilitator page to learn more.

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