Useful team building games

Unleash Team Performance with Useful Team Building Games

Team building games can help unleash team performance. Choose team building games well because some games destroy, rather than build, teams. The best team building games develop the right mindset and behaviors.

I help companies in the Philippines improve team performance. I co-design with them learning experiences that change behaviors and mindset. Behaviors determine our results. Mindsets influence our behaviors. When we change our mindset and behaviors, we improve our results.

You know this to be true.

You can help team members unstuck themselves from a “fixed mindset.” You can provide them opportunities to practice a “growth mindset” to unleash their potentials.

A “growth mindset” influences team members to find new opportunities and solve problems. They take ownership of team problems. They make themselves accountable.

Some team behaviors are vital to team success. 

  1. Find opportunities. 
  2. Solve problems. 
  3. Be accountable. 

These are behaviors that work. These are vital behaviors.

Practicing vital behaviors solve many team problems.

Our present mindsets and behaviors created our results. Unless replaced with vital behaviors, we will always get the same results.

Design learning experiences to help you change mindsets and behaviors. 

  1. Use friendly and courageous conversations. 
  2. Use Gamestorming. 
  3. Use team problem-solving. 
  4. Use design thinking tools. 
  5. Use collaborative games.
  6. Use interactive games.

Be very careful about how you choose team building games. Some managers think that all games build teams. This belief is wrong. 

I can help you.

team building games improve communication. Women mirror the action of each other in a team building game.
Team building games improve communication.

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