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Team Building in the Philippines

Every leader must learn how to build a great team. You cannot do it alone. You've got to enroll people to your vision and allow them to make your vision theirs too. Every day, you must strive to inspire, equip, and enable every member of your team so they can, like you, make things happen.

I have been facilitating team building in the Philippines since 2007. Like many facilitators, I started with the wrong notion that team building is all about playing games. I was already good in speaking and training. I thought, all I needed to do was to google "team building games" and choose from hundreds of fun games.

Early on, I only tried to be different. Later, after conducting dozens of team building programs, I realized that many of the team building games do not really build teams. They were played because many facilitators believed that play works.

Clients got what they wanted. But they did not get what they needed to build teams.

There are many managers who were made to believed that team building is the same as playing outdoor games. Playing games doesn't make teams. But it will take time for people to unlearn this.

A team building program is an intervention. Therefore it must serve a specific purpose or business objective. It must have measurable goals. It must result to change in behavior. It must be sustained.

Competency-based and result-oriented team building trumps any mindless "team building game" every time. A team building, being an intervention, has an aim. For example, it can build commitments. Your team building program can increase commitments of your team to your mission, to each member of the team, to your customers, to creating high quality products, and to building a culture of discipline. None of these commitments can be created by playing paintball or sack race.

The posts you'll read from this website will help you build great teams. Team building facilitators in the Philippines will learn a great deal on how to design team building interventions. Managers will get useful tips on how to build teams the right way.

When you need our help, you may contact Compass Center for Leadership. Or you can email me directly at Don't forget to tell me everything I need to know about your team.

I don't avoid price canvassers, but most of them aren't interested with genuine team building. They typically don't introduce themselves and do not bother to clarify their purposes. When you want a meaningful, memorable, measurable, fun, and high-impact team building program you can easily get my attention.

- Jef Menguin