Leadership Speaker in the Philippines

Everyone must strive to become leaders. In order to bring here and now the future we really care about, we must take the lead.

Leadership starts with you and me.

As a leadership speaker in the Philippines, I find it more challenging to sell positive leadership, to invite people to lead with humility and candor, to model the way -- for everywhere we find "leaders" who wantonly disregard what we know of leadership.

However, this is also the very time that we must not stop educating, encouraging, equipping, and enabling leaders. This is the best time to exercise leadership.

I have written the posts below to encourage you to observe what leadership ought to be. We need that kind of leadership that prefer the positives, that gives life, that serves others not just self-interest, that brings us together than divides us.

I encourage you my friend to exercise positive leadership wherever you are.

When you need my help, you can connect with me through inspire@jefmenguin.com or use the contact form you can find in this website.