Supervisor Skills Training

Many Filipino supervisors accept their new roles with great energy and enthusiasm. A promotion is an affirmation that they’re doing great in their previous jobs. Unfortunately, many of them end up frustrated and angry.

Many supervisors are not prepared for the job. Though they have the motivation to perform the job, they lack the ability to deliver. This masterclass, Strategies of Successful Supervisors, will inspire and equip new supervisors.

Let me tell you why.

As a supervisor, you lead other people. As a leader, you must remember that your employee’s success is your success. You are required to do the tasks that your subordinates do, however you are also responsible for getting things done – and making better things happen – through others.

Supervisor Leadership Courses

Supervisory Leadership is for supervisors and team leaders – and staff who oversee the work of others. The program is flexible. Learners get snackable information they can convert to skills.

Lessons are presented as bite-sized learning opportunities. You get to build your leadership muscle without the overwhelm.

What makes this program different?
Supervisory Leadership is research-based content about what actually works when it comes to effectively developing your staff. We can tailor examples and cases to your organization.

Learn on the job! You choose your own adventure. Pick a course when you want to work on when it is convenient for you.  Turn your knowledge into skills through practice.

There are 7 courses in Supervisory Development Series

  1. How to Give Feedback & Coach Employees
    1.  Assess Potential, Performance, and Readiness
    2.  Give & Receive Feedback
    3.  Coach Your Staff
  2. How to Lead Teams
    1. Do You Really Need a Team?
    2. Building A High Performing Team
    3. Managing Team Dynamics
  3.  How to Manage Conflict
    1. Self-Awareness (Recognize Your Weakness, Develop Your Strengths)
    2. Assess Conflict (Why It Is Important to Unpack Conflict)
    3. Building Skills (Key Skills to Manage Conflict Effectively)
  4. How to Engage Employees
    1. Conditions that Improve Employee Engagement
    2. Employee Engagement Cycle
    3. Creating Your Employee Engagement Plan
  5. How to Manage & Evaluate Performance
    1. Why & How to Set Goals
    2. Why & How to Conduct Check-ins
    3. How to Evaluate Performance
  6. How to Drive Results
    1. Orient Yourself to Results
    2. Plan for Results
    3. Manage Execution
  7. How to Delegate to Empower
    1. Barriers to Effective Delegation
    2. Why & How to Delegate
    3. Practicing Delegation Skills

In-House Program

Strategies of Successful Supervisors is a four-day Masterclass with Action Learning Projects and Coaching sessions. These are your difference-maker. The project and coaching session ensure that you transfer learning to application.

The outline above is for demonstration purposes only. All of the information I included in the outline are important only when you need them. When we customize the program for you, we will zero-in on vital behaviors where you can get the most advantage.

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