Why Did I Create This Website

People talk about how Filipinos had survived typhoons, floods, earthquakes, fire, famine, tsunamis, and other calamities.  

Filipinos can smile on camera though a house nearby is burning. We joke about our misfortunes. 

We create memes to project our frustrations about our mediocre government leaders.​ And we laugh about them as if laughing is the only thing we can do.

We Filipinos are resilient people. Or at least, that’s what we want to believe.

Remember what Einstein said about insanity: ​you keep on doing the same things repeatedly, then you expect different results.Some things we label as “resiliency” are another form of insanity.

I don’t know you or why you are reading this page. 

It might be because you are looking for a speaker on virtual workshops, webinars, or conferences.​

This is for entrepreneurs, changemakers, and leaders.

Since this will be the most visited page of this website, I want you to get what you want — and get something more. Get something valuable and something different.

I want to tell you how I found my message ( talk about it below) and how I live.

But before I tell you my story, let me state the not-so-obvious about this website.

You will not find here regurgitated ideas.  

I believe that the right mindset, right abilities, and opportunities can help us achieve. During these times, I may share some side hustles (sidelines) with you that require hard work. Even the so-called passive income involves action.​

You may find ideas similar to your favorite authors or gurus. I read a lot, and my reading can influence me. But I don’t write about things that I read or heard unless validated by experience. I talked about what works.

Find easy and proven ways to get a life and thrive.

My main reason for publishing articles and offering you virtual workshops, online courses, and webinars is to help you succeed. I write about entrepreneurship, leadership, personal development, and innovation. You will find excellent articles on motivation, focus, and other subjects that I know most people need during these times.

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