Service Hall of Shame

Whatever you want your customer to think of your service, you can design.

That’s easy. You are a customer too. You hated it when people did not keep their promises, when they wasted your time, when they smelled like fish, when they could not give you specific answers, and when they made you feel unimportant.
The service hall of shame is big. Use the service hall of shame to improve the services you provide to your customers.

What is the service hall of shame?

I encourage participants to share service stories. They are customers too and many of them must have experienced bad customer service. During the story telling exercise, they vote for the worst service stories. They post their stories in the service hall of shame…

The service hall of shame provides vivid pictures of bad customer service. The participants explain why the thought that the service they received were worst, what they felt (humiliated, disrespected, ignored etc) and the actions they had taken after receiving the worst customer service ever. As they tell their stories, they rediscover the importance of giving the best (not the worst) service possible to their customers.

Service excellence is no rocket science.

The opportunity to be of service to others is always present. The opportunities to serve with our very best is a choice we are free to make. You can teach yourself how to give the best service possible. You can teach your staff how to improve their service. You only need to bring out their experiences as human beings so you can educate them.

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