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New Stress Management Seminars in the Philippines

I offer these stress management seminars and webinars to help Filipinos cope with the stress of the pandemic and build resiliency. We continue to be affected by the stress and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. If I am not mistaken, we have the longest lockdown in the world. The extended duration of the pandemic and related losses can take a toll on us in many ways.

People are anxious. They felt left out.

They need whatever help we can provide them. These stress management training programs focus on understanding common reactions and challenges related to the ongoing pandemic. It also provides coping tips, strategies, and resources to help better manage the stress, build resiliency, and positively adjust to the continued challenges.

Stress Management Seminars

Wise managers know that reducing stress at work can help. This is why they come up with Stress Management Policies at work. They know also that millions of productive employees thrive in the most stressful situations because they know how to manage and master stress.

Effective people know how to manage stress for peak performance.

Stress Management seminars may help employees understand stress and navigate through stressful workplace situations. Hans Selye, the father of stress management, once said that stress cannot be cured or eliminated and can only be enjoyed.

You will find out in this stress management seminar how your knowledge about stress can help you be happy and productive at work.

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How to Manage Stress for Peak Performance

Learn how to master stress for peak performance — and build a happy and productive workplace.

Re-imagine your workplace. Make it a place where people can smile and have fun. A place where people perform at their most productive best.

Organizations must equip employees on how to master stress. This stress management seminar can help you be more productive and happy at work.

A high performing workplace is almost always a stressful workplace. Pressures and challenges are necessary to optimize performance.

A fun, interactive, and experiential stress management seminars for Filipino workplace professionals.

An optimum level of pressure enables organizations to maximize productivity and allows achievers to turn potentials into peak performances. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to handle pressure and this leads to debilitating stress.

Stress and pressure come together. Not all pressure causes good stress. Employees must learn how to understand, master, and flow with stress.

Stress Mastery, the stress management seminar I designed for workplace professionals, can help you.

Benefits of Stress Management Seminars

Here are some of the benefits of stress management seminars in the workplace.

Less sick days. Stress is the leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace. Also, those who hate their bosses and co-workers can easily find reasons why they must not report to work.

Employee retention and talent acquisition. Remember, 42% of employees who left their jobs did so because of too much stress. They go to companies that take care of them.

Healthier and more productive employees. When your companies have an effective stress management program and policy, it shows your people that you care. You develop a healthy and productive culture too.

Look after your employees and they’ll look after your business.

I will design and deliver the stress management workshop based on your needs.

Design Process

Pre-work: All participants must complete the Stress Survey Questionnaire (preferably online) and bring printed results to the program.

Interactive Learning Experiences: The program isn’t a listening-and-watching program. It is an interactive workshop and everyone is expected to share “best practices”, experiences, and ideas.

Sustain: The organization will improve stress management policy and participants may get a weekly inspirational and enabling tips on stress management from Jef Menguin through email.

Who Should Attend?

The course is designed both for high performing and high potential employees. Professionals who are too busy to join will benefit tremendously.

Class Size
The ideal number is 15 participants. But if you are in the Philippines, most organizations send 20 to 25 participants in a seminar. This is an interactive workshop. People move around.

Don’t worry, I can always adjust.

Attendance Policy

Participation is mandatory in order to receive the certificate of completion.

Participants who miss more than two hours of the entire program will not be eligible to receive the certificate. We start and end on time.

Participants who fulfill the attendance requirement will receive a certificate at the end of the program.


Stress Mastery Program

Help every employee in your organization to become more productive. Equip them with the necessary mindsets and skills to master stress and to perform at their best.

Stress Mastery is designed for Filipino workplace professionals.

You can tailor fit Stress Mastery to your organizational needs. Below is a simple outline you may start with.

A Fresh Look at Stress Management
– New Models for Managing Stress
– New Mindsets to Solve Old Problems

Seeing Stress Eye to Eye
– What Stress Really Is
– What Are Your Stress Triggers and How These Cause You Many Problems
– Stress Underload Vs Stress Overload
– Organizational Factors that Lead to Burnout

Mastering Stress for Peak Performance
– How Optimum Pressure Leads to Optimum Performance
– Stress Management Is a Lifestyle
– How to Shift to a Healthy Lifestyle

Create A Supportive and Friendly Environment
– Creating a Support Network
– Your Organizational Stress Management Policy
– How to Communicate Needs, State Your Limits, and Say No
– How to Respond to Office Conflicts

How to Use Your SuperHero Powers
– Build Your Stress Mastery Strategy and Tools
– Help Others Handle Stress
– Be a Stress Mastery Educator

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