Let’s talk about salespersons, selling, and how to make a sales rally bring more profits. In the end, I will show you what kind of speakers you need on your next sales rally.

This is a bit long. I suggest you print this so you can have your copy even if someone calls you to join one of those emergency meetings.


I learned how to sell when I was five years old. I learned how to count money even before I learned how to write numbers. Yes, it was fun.

Early in life, I learned that no one who knows how to sell will be hungry. All you need to do is to find people who are willing to buy your products and services. Find the hungry crowd.

I frequently hear that everyone is a salesperson. I know that there is a grain of truth to this. But I know, through experience, that selling is not for the weak of heart.


Unless there is a sense of urgency, you will find all the excuses to procrastinate. Unless the dream is big, you will justify all your fears. Unless you see yourself as a champion salesperson, you will always like a failure. Yes, someone who is begging for the next sale.

But there is no profession in the world which is like that of a salesperson. A salesperson can increase his or her value in the marketplace a thousandfold.

Selling can turn a pauper into a prince or princess.

Any champion salesperson can make a business succeed. They can double, quadruple, or 10x your business.


I know. I am a salesperson. My business is dependent on my ability to sell my products and services. This piece you are reading now is a sales piece. You may not consider this as a sales letter, but if you are the right person you will understand what I am doing.

I have sold products. Not the expensive ones. but I am very confident that I can sell whatever product that I love. That’s because I put my heart to whatever I do.

As a leadership speaker, I sell the benefits of an encouraged and equipped leader. No, I am not selling speaking at all. Most people can speak. But not everyone can teach people how to lead a sales team.

I have trained many salespeople. No, not that kind who teaches you how to answer the objectives of your customers. I train as a sales coach. I want you to double your sales by listening more to your customers and understanding their agenda.



One effective way to inspire and equip salespeople is through sales rallies. I understand why many companies waste the opportunity. They get speakers who deliver same-same messages.

Often, much time is spent on figures and statistics. You can send these figures to your sales managers before your sales rally. They should be able to make their people understand the figures.

Even salespeople don’t like a speech filled with numbers. if you want o make people commit to new quota or encourage them to make breakthroughs, help them understand your data before your sales rally.

Much of the figures you will present are of past performances. Help them learn from it. But prepare your people for the sales rally to make things happen.


Your sales rally must serve to strengthen your team. And doing this is easier than what most people think.

First, be clear about your business objectives. Your sales rally is an opportunity to bring everyone to common goals. If you are increasing targets, be clear about these new targets and why you think your salespeople can handle it.

I know that sales rallies are meant to be fun. But the fun part is designed to encourage salespeople. it is not fun for fun’s sake.

Second, be clear about the specific attitude and behaviors you want your salespersons to observe.

I often hear managers say, “continue whatever you are doing and we will achieve”. This is a mistake. Be clear about what you want to continue.

You can do this by appreciating behaviors of the top 5 percent of your salespeople. Consider what they are doing which others are not doing. These positive performance deviances must continue and be adapted by others.

Also, when you challenge salespeople to increase sales, you are inviting them to adopt a new way of thinking and doing.

My friend Albert Einstein told us that insanity is doing the same things again and again and expecting different results.

If you want to change the results, salespeople must change their behaviors.

Identify one or two behaviors that will make everyone real winners.

Third and last, turn your sales rally into a learning opportunity. So your salespeople can achieve new objectives, they must improve or change the way they do things.

They have to learn new behaviors and attitudes.

Use your sales rally to inspire and equip them.


This is why you need great speakers for your sales rally. Your speakers may help clarify your objectives. Your speakers may help you highlight the current behaviors and new behaviors which are keys to success.

Your speakers may also train your salespeople on how to think and act so they make your objectives happen.

One speaker or sales trainer may do any or all of these. But you can get everyone, including your speakers from the management team, to talk along the same line. You cannot inject many unrelated thoughts during a sales rally.

This is why I warn clients from getting motivational speakers who deliver speeches like money magnet, positive thinking, or positive affirmations. Though these topics are very interesting, remember that salespeople may access these messages outside of your sales rally.

Don’t waste the opportunity to give a game-changing education.

Your organization needs a great strategy which you expect to be executed. Show the business objectives, the attitude, and behaviors that will make them winners, and train so they master early these attitudes and behaviors.

When you need help, reach out to me. Your sales rally is too great an opportunity to waste. I can help you design a snackable sales training. I may also deliver a Transforming Talk to encourage your salespeople.

I want you to succeed. I want you to help more people and increase your value a thousandfold.

My name is Jef Menguin. I am a trainer, author, and consultant.

Contact me if you want to

  • Grow your businesses.
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