Speeches That Equip & Inspire Leaders, Teams & Employees

Some ideas and stories transform people and move them to action. Sometimes, all people need is to hear from someone proven and easy ways to solve current challenges.

A professional public speaker in the Philippines may help. Jef Menguin has equipped and inspired thousands of leaders, teams, and workplace professionals. He delivers talks on leadership, motivation, personal development, creativity, innovation, and malasakit.

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Jef Menguin

Speeches that Equip & Inspire

I started delivering speeches that move people into action in 1991, during my seminary days. When I went out of the seminary, I honed my public speaking skills as a student activist. Then, I became a teacher.

My career as a professional public speaker in the Philippines took off in 2006. Since then, I have delivered hundreds of speeches to all kinds of leaders here in the Philippines and few countries where I got invited to speak.

But I never delivered the same speech twice. The intention may be the same, but the audience, environment, and delivery are different.

What follows are some of the titles of speeches I have delivered since 2006. I share these to give you ideas on what we can achieve together.

Speeches For Leaders

An effective public speaker in the Philippines help leaders act.
An effective speech can help leaders act.

I was first drawn to leadership talks, probably because I have always been picked to lead. I have experience how both failures and successes. I did more reading on exemplary leaders than any of my subjects when I was in high school.

Below are some of the motivational speeches I crafted and delivered to encourage leaders to challenge the status quo, start something new, and change the world.

1. Pursue Personal Leadership

You begin with yourself. Know who you are, imagine the best version of yourself, and work hard to become that person every day. We can choose our mindsets, our actions, and our habits. We can design for ourselves the personal discipline that will turn us into the person we desire to follow.

Of course, you can become a leader of thousands and act like a good person. Yes, you can fake authenticity and sincerity. But people will eventually find out. Choose what’s best.

2. Finish What You Start

One challenge that most leaders have is the inability to get things done. Ningas Cogon and Manana habits prevent us from having a fulfilled and meaningful life.

With the right mindset and simple tools, you can learn how to finish what you start. You will understand where to spend your time, attention, and energy to make good things happen.to make good

3. Enjoy Your Life & Your Job

People are looking for a work-life balance. That is not easy. We have limited time, and people expect us to show that we care. Leaders can enjoy a good life wherever they are. There are little secrets that can turn things around for you and for everyone you lead.

4, Great At Work: Secrets of Top Performers

You can be great at work. Leaders who have initiative, creativity, and empathy create a great climate and a winning culture. With examples from exemplary leaders and easy-to-use tools, you can also generate greatness at work.

5. Do One Thing Different

Leaders who innovate do one thing differently. When everyone zigs, innovative leaders zag. To create breakthroughs, one does not have to build a thousand new things. Often, those who make breakthroughs identify the one thing that makes the significant difference.

6. Good Is the Enemy of Great

Leaders who are complacent set good as a goal. They do not aim for greatness; they won’t achieve excellence. When good becomes the highest measure, leaders swim in mediocrity most of the time.

You can quickly identify leaders who are the enemies of greatness. The delay action and wait for others. To justify their work, they compare themselves to the worst of the worst. They invent excuses and blame others when things go wrong.

7. Great Leaders Grow

We all grow old. But only great leaders keep growing up. They pursue personal leadership. They build a culture of learning wherever they are. They refuse to settle.

Great leaders embrace a growth mindset. They influence others to grow too. They provide employees the tools necessary to accelerate learning and create an environment where they can practice and master those skills.

8. Leadership in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, great leaders pay more attention to people. They know that in tough times, people expect them to find quick and easy solutions. While most people strive to survive, good leaders find ways to bounce forward and thrive. Leaders who thrive in crisis are effective communicators, creative, compassionate, and collaborative.

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Speeches for Teams

9. Bayanihan Spirit

One person believes that there is a better way to help people and solve problems. The quick spread of community pantries around the country demonstrates the power of one. You begin something easy and simple so people can follow.

But there is more to it. It is successful because we value bayanihan. We believe that we don’t have to conquer or die to become heroes. We only need to do what we can at any given time.

Do you want to cultivate bayanihan and the spirit of oneness in your organization? Do you want your team to recognize that what they do add value to others? Do you want a mission-oriented team, a team that works each day to make a difference? You can do that.

10. Cultivate A Culture of Malasakit

People who do not have malasakit are “malas” and “sakit” of your company. They do transactional work. They lie. They make it difficult for your team to succeed.

On the other hand, team members with malasakit won’t leave you behind. You walk the extra mile. Without being told, they find ways to serve customers, collaborate with others, and help carry the burden of other team members. In short, you can depend on them.

Do you want to promote a culture of malasakit in your organization? You can do it. Review your values, examine your mindsets, and practice new behaviors.

Common Questions

There are public speakers in the Philippines who can speak for more than three hours. Some speakers host retreats for two days. And a few can talk anytime, anywhere.

I can deliver a leadership talk in 45 minutes. I use stories. A story can teach, inspire, and mobilize people. If the speaker can provide specific steps that listeners can use, a motivational speech of 60 minutes is good.

Most public speakers in the Philippines can speak for free. You call some of these speakers resource persons. They get honoraria for an hour of lecture. An honorium is a token or gift.

Amateur speakers charge 1000 an hour or less.

Professionals speakers charge 25,000 or 45,00, or 100,000, or 200,000, or 400,000 pesos. I charge 60,000 pesos on sunny days.

Celebrity motivational speakers from the US of A typically charge 20,000 dollars when they speak here. I can say that fees are based on the perceived celebrity status of the speaker.

A Filipino public speaker can design speeches that fit in the context of the Filipino workplace. Of course, getting American speakers gets extra attraction. Given the colonial mentality of many Filipinos, they will pay a huge amount of money to hear someone who talks above their heads.

A Filipino speaker, on the other hand, delivers persuasive speeches in a language that you understand. You’ll get better results for lesser investment when you get a Filipino professional speaker because they know where you are, and they help you get where you want to be.

There are many kinds of public speakers in the Philippines. Some speakers deliver motivational speeches while others talk about creativity, innovation, teamwork, and excellence. You can get many speakers who speak on specific topics because of what they do.

Professional speakers spend time and energy listening to clients to find out how they can help. They are problem solvers. They deliver persuasive speeches because their mission is to sell change.

Companies hire professional public speakers because they offer solutions, not just information.

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