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Public Speaking Academy: Speaking Skills for Success

The Public Speaking Academy is a platform designed to help you become a charismatic and impactful speaker. This academy is not just about enhancing your public speaking skills, it’s about empowering you to reach your full potential and make a difference in your personal and professional life.

Roadmap 2023

As much as I want evergreen content, I am happy to invent, reinvent, and innovate. For example, the workshops I conduct for clients provide me with learning experiences that help improve the following workshops.

Hello Monday

Hello Monday

Monday is a great opportunity to think and play big. I offer you my best thoughts on personal growth every Monday morning.

My name is Jef Menguin. I am a trainer, author, and consultant.

Contact me if you want to

  • Grow your businesses
  • Upgrade leadership skills
  • Build teams
  • Motivate employees
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