Power-trippers block blessings for others.

power trip

Leadership is not power. It is a responsibility that we leaders must take to heart. Leaders create opportunities for people around them. They are happy when others receive blessings.

There is a government employee who filed an application for tenure. Since she joined the organization, she has been looking forward to becoming a tenured employee.

The bar is set high for them though. While other government institutions require only six months, satisfactory performance, and a professional license for the same job function, her institution requires more. Employees like her must have served for three years, have Masters, have satisfactory performance ratings for the last three years, and must be positively endorsed by the supervisor.

The government employee has all the requirements except one.

She’s been serving the government for seven years, has finished her masters more than a year ago, and has very satisfactory performance ratings for six years. Unfortunately, her boss who had been giving positive recommendations for her renewal for the last six years refused to endorse her for tenure.

And what is the reason?

This supervisor reasoned that the employee needs to do more – and she is giving the employee another year to prove herself. For her, it is not enough that the employee has satisfied all the requirements. The employee must satisfy her standards.

The employee does not know what to improve though. The supervisor isn’t the kind of leader who counsels, coaches, or mentors. She has not provided any intervention since she became the boss of the employee six years ago. The supervisor kept the employee clueless about “what to improve”.

Because of the supervisor’s refusal to endorse the seven-year government employee, the employee’s application for tenure was denied by the institution.

Have you met a person like this? Have you seen a power-tripping supervisor? Do you have this kind of supervisor today? Are you this supervisor?

You can find power-tripping supervisors anywhere. If you don’t expect to find them in government institutions, you’ll be shocked. They impose their own standards above and beyond what is required by law.

They are power-trippers. Power-trippers use their position to dominate you. They make you feel small. They keep you helpless so you will easily surrender to their whims and caprices.

Worst, power-tripping supervisors block blessings. They are not happy when you get promoted. They are not happy when you shine.

I will tell you soon how to handle this kind of supervisor.

I encourage you not to become a power-tripping supervisor. Because when you block blessings from flowing, you are making people unhappy. And when people around you are unhappy, you will not be truly happy.

Don’t make yourself suffer.

Be happy when others are getting a reward. Be happy when your subordinates, through their passion and perseverance, are recognized for their contribution to the organization. You will not become smaller when they become bigger.


People will think that you are a giant because you make people around you stand on your shoulder.

Jef Menguin

P.S. I conduct positive coaching workshops. When you need help in turning your leaders into enablers, contact me today.


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