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Multiply your result a thousandfold by being mindful of your personal growth. Find an excellent guide on personal development and practical self-improvement tips. Aim for personal excellence and do your best each day.

farm, flow, fly.

My 3 Words for 2023

FARM, FLOW, and FLY are my three words for 2023. These three words will inspire me to create new projects, campaigns, and products. In addition, these words will guide my actions and decisions.

big steps

My 3 Big Steps in Achieving Personal Development

But when you commit to moving from zero to one, you challenge the status quo. You are claiming a new reality and a new future. At that very moment, you stop being ordinary. In the eyes of others, you become stupid, impractical, and unreasonable. You are biting more than you can chew.

personal branding

Personal Branding vs Personal Development

Personal branding and personal development are not the same even if some gurus insist. Personal branding can be part of personal development. But there are those who think that personal branding is the shortest and surest way to success. You can make a mark in this world even if you …

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