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Why should I care?

That’s the one question that matter the most to your customer.

Your presentation must be able to answer that question concisely and convincingly.

At the very least, you must be able to inform your customers about your product. You must show the value of your product to their business, to their lives, or to the fulfilment of their dreams. You must make it easy for them to own and use your product.

Presentation is simple. Begin by asking why your customers should care. And then let your technology multiplies the power of your story: your answer to their why-should-i-care question. Your technology is useless if you use it to multiply zero.

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Jef Menguin is a sought-after keynote speaker on leadership, influence, and motivation.

He has delivered motivational speeches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.

When you are looking for a motivational speaker who deliver results that really matter, you contact Jef Menguin.

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