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Prepare before you speak.

I am not prepared is not an excuse.

Peter, you do not have to tell your audience that you have not prepared for your speech. Or that you want to speak from your heart. Anyone who wants to speak from his heart can prepare a speech.

Don’t tell us how you came up with your speech topic. You have just informed us that you are unprepared for the occasion and it is very likely for us to hear a mediocre speech. Don’t waste our time. Stop the bleeding.
Take this opportunity to undo your mistake. Give us the best speech you can deliver within three minutes. Show us that the next moment is worth our time.

Tell us your big idea. Tell us what we need to do and what we need give to get your big idea. Tell us how we can benefit from your talk.

Give us enough reason to believe you.

Then stop talking.

We shall be more thankful for useful seconds that minutes of excuses.

Yes, I have not said those words. Truth hurts.

But, you, my dear friend, have read these words. You know a speaker who does not prepare before he delivers a speech does not respect your audience.

Let this be a reminder.

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