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Lead with Humility

Lead with Humility

Leading with humility requires you to adapt a new mindset. That is the mindset of service.

The traditional idea made us believe that to be a leader is to be the boss. We are the first movers, and all the rest follows us. That was not the case in the olden days. That’s not the case today.

But a lot of people still think that way: the boss is the leader. He tells people what to do.

To lead with humility, however, makes you see things differently. You play an important role in leadership,but you are not the only leader. You can be the person with the title, position, or function to exercise “leadership” but you are not the only leader. You are an important part of the universe, but you are not the universe.

How about you try this exercise: every morning, list down the names of people who can help you make your leadership work, that without them, you can only do much.

Jef Menguin

Jef Menguin

Professional Speaker

Jef Menguin is your partner in enabling managers, supervisors, and staff.

Since 2008, Jef Menguin has delivered 30 keynote speeches each year on leadership, teamwork, customer service, entrepreneurship, and intentional influence. He also conducts bootcamps, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and other leadership learning sessions.

He has trained thousands of leaders in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan.


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