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Are you looking for a team building facilitator in Laguna?

I was so busy facilitating team building programs around the country, that I wasn’t able to organize and train professional team building facilitators in Laguna.

I just did.

Companies and local governments in the province of Laguna may now get the services of professional team building facilitators.

If you’ve been reading my 10x blog, you know that one of my goal is to bring sanity back to team building exercises.

Tons of money are wasted because most team building packages in Laguna are run by amateurs who think team building is all about play. That obstacles courses, spider webs, relay, trust falls, and zip lines are team building.

We believe that you need to have fun.

We believe that you need to build relationships.

We believe that you must be involved in designing your team building workshop.

Because we believe that your next team building must bring results.

Yes, we want your next team building to be 10x better.

This is because most team building programs you’ll get are designed by amateurs whose main goal is to sell to you a package of team building games which almost always divide your teams further. Because they are using wrong and inffective competetive games.

Do playing games works? Y

es, sometimes! But in the hands of amateur facilitators, play solidify turfing and in-fighting. This is why we want you to be very careful.

You can have fun, innovative, relevant, and engaging team building exercises.

Build Impact Teams…