Team Facilitator (Apprenticeship)

Do you have experiences working in a team environment?

Do you know what it takes to build a team? Do you want to share what you know to others? Are you interested to work with people in finding solutions to their problems?

Here is an opportunity for you to be of service to others and make a change in your life.

I am opening a Facilitator Apprenticeship Program for those who are interested to become professional team building facilitators. The slots are limited. You must qualify. And must commit to work hard for 90 days.

I offer this for free.

As an apprentice, you will learn to:

  • Focus on personal development,
  • Understand how team works,
  • Design learning experiences,
  • Be strategic coach to clients, and
  • Facilitate team building exercises.

You’ll earn while learning the craft.

When you are ready, you may have opportunities to facilitate team building sessions with me.

When I was starting, I only had one opportunity to partner with a mentor. That session with my mentor improved the way I conduct sessions for small and big groups.

This is why I am offering this Facilitator Apprenticeship Program to the most qualified people. The program will star on October 1, 2018.

Send your application (you decide what’s on it, that’s part of what makes you creative) as a pdf of no longer than four pages to