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For my readers and friends who care to know what I do these days.

Personal Projects

  • Jogging again. Use my bicycle sometimes.
  • Taking courses in storytelling, photography, and drawing.
  • Handwriting 3000 words a day.
  • Gardening
  • Travel Hacking
  • Playing with JC, watching Korean telenovelas, and lots of reading

Business Projects

  • Speaking and Consulting
  • Writing guides for competency  modeling
  • Designing FIRE LX
  • Establishing Business Innovation, a talent development company.
  • Registering a leadership consulting company.
  • Building an digital marketing agency with my wife.
  • Writing a new book: Employee Engagement
  • 4DXing new companies
  • Turbocharging Social Media campaigns for team building
  • Upgrading Page Authority
  • Building a network of consultants

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Looking for illustrators, graphic artists, videographers, marketing superstars, influencers, and design thinkers
  • CPD courses for teachers and other professionals. Connecting also with others who want to collaborate with me.
  • Marketing university degrees for workplace professionals. My partners offer this opportunity to universities and I can offer this to private companies.
  • Looking for printing companies for my LX game cards.
  • Looking for app developers for my gamified learning programs

I reside in Los BaƱos Laguna. You may call me through 09274292986 but I prefer you email me. Though I get 120++ emails everyday, I find time to answer real people.

Last revised: February 3