New Filipino Time

Let’s talk about “Filipino Time”. Some people have habit of putting down Filipinos? It is as if they become better persons when they point to us our flaws as a people. They want to agree that Filipinos are not as good as the others.

They have muddy spectacles.

To label is to libel. “Filipino Time” is a label grounded on ignorance and contempt.

When someone is late for an appointment, people are quick to say that that is “Filipino time”. When a person is on time they call it “American time”. Hasty generalization. I know many Americans who come late to appointments. Not only that many of them do not always come on time, many of them do not also make the most out of their time.

But forgive me, an American who is always late, or who keeps you waiting is not practicing American Time. An action of one American should not be attributed to all Americans. Do you not wonder why Americans have to invent “Time Management’ and why productivity blogs sell?

I made appointments with Italians, Germans, Canadians, Polish, Malaysian, Chinese, Singaporeans, etc. Some of them came on time, some of them came late. Being late has nothing to do with race. And though I have limited experience as I have not traveled around the world, I must speak. The problem with time is true for all people.

Filipino Time as the phrase connotes is not an attribute that all Filipinos practice and value. A little reading of Philippine history will show the opposite. Travel around the country, and you will find many Filipinos who value their time and respect yours.

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To change our perspective about Filipinos, we need to have another set of eyes. Look for their flaws and you will find many. Find their strengths and it will not take you long to discover their beauty. You will understand why people from other countries decided to live in the Philippines.

If you are a Filipino, you better give a new meaning to Filipino Time. One that you will be proud of. I can say the same if you are an American, Italian, Polish, German, Malaysian, etc. You will see the world the way you want to see it. You may need a new set of eyes.

Because making the best use of time speaks about how you value your life.

Let us play a game. Set a goal to be always on time for all of your appointments for the next fifteen days. Then think of a reward you can give yourself when you succeed.

Encourage your friends and co-employees to play this game too.

If you are a boss in your company, treat your employees to a free merienda if they observe punctuality for the next fifteen days.

Jef Menguin

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