My mission.

I invest my time in helping Filipino organizations empower creative people and build armies of intrapreneurs.

I mentor leaders so they can inspire and equip people.

Managers find it difficult to energize employee engagement and leverage leadership learning.

Sabi nila, wala daw malasakit ang mga tao sa kompanya (They said, employees don’t care for the company).

They said that employees complaint too much about low salaries and too frequently asked for more benefits though they can only give mediocre performance.

They said that millennials in the workplace are difficult to manage (managers can give you dozens of reasons in one minute) and that old people in the workplace insist on practicing obsolete ways (millennials make their eyes roll).

Employees, on the other hand, find the workplace stressful.

Their bosses expect too much from them.

Managers don’t care, don’t listen, don’t appreciate, and don’t promote.

They are demotivated. They don’t feel the organization value them.

Wala silang malasakit sa mga tao (They don’t care for their people).

My Mission

I help Filipinos grow great organizations. This is why I design easier, simpler, and quicker solutions to help creative leaders solve challenges in the workplace today. And together, we co-create opportunities so they become ahead of what’s possible.

I chose to be a multiplier. I help people multiply results tenfold… a hundredfold… a thousand-fold.

This is also my way of building my nation. I love Filipinos. And I love the peoples of the world as well.

You can say that my solutions are creative, innovative, disruptive, and game-changing.

I am no Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. I only help you find easier, simpler, and quicker solutions.

These easier, simpler, and quicker solutions helped my clients who attracted and wowed customers.

These solutions helped them built more effective leaders and electrified employee engagement in the workplace.

These simple solutions helped them leverage workplace learning that they accelerated their growth.

These easier, simple, and quicker solutions transformed the way my clients make leaders learn and get teams to win again and again.

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