Atlantis Diveboards and Liveboards

Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards is a premier dive operator with a reputation for excellence in the Philippines. Locations in Dumaguete, Puerto Galera, and Apo Island offer access to some of the world’s most breathtaking dive sites.

The company’s resorts are designed to offer guests a luxurious and comfortable stay, with beautifully appointed rooms, top-notch dining, and relaxing spa services. Guests can choose from a range of room types to suit their needs, including standard rooms, suites, and private villas.

Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards is also known for its liveaboard boats, which provide guests with the ultimate dive experience. These boats are equipped with modern amenities, including air-conditioned cabins, en-suite bathrooms, and spacious dive decks. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, the liveaboard trips offer a chance to explore some of the Philippines’ most pristine dive sites.

In addition to traditional diving, Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards offers a range of specialized diving courses, including technical diving and underwater photography. They also provide Nitrox and rebreather diving options, ensuring guests can access the latest diving technologies and techniques.

Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality diving experience in the Philippines. With its luxurious accommodations, world-class diving, and attentive service, it’s no wonder they are a popular choice among divers worldwide.

I designed and facilitated the leadership training program for Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards. 

The Step Up Leadership program is specifically designed to help leaders celebrate their personal best, enhance their sense of ownership and urgency, and find ways to drive results through people.

Working with the leaders at Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards was a pleasure. 

I was impressed by their commitment to excellence and their willingness to invest in the development of their team. By focusing on leadership development, Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards is creating a culture of excellence that benefits their employees and guests.

During the training program, I worked closely with the leaders to provide them with the skills and insights needed to excel in their roles. 

We focused on developing their ability to drive results through their teams, enhance their delegation skills, and create a sense of ownership and urgency around their work.

Overall, I’m proud to have designed and facilitated the Step Up Leadership program for Atlantis Dive Resort and Liveaboards. The skills and insights gained from the program will continue to benefit their leaders and their organization for years.

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