My Clients

It might be that I don’t know you yet, but I am happy that you are here. Your leadership can change the world.

I Serve People

If you are like most of my clients, you are here because you are a leader. You are moving from good to great.You are brave and bold. You challenge the status quo.

I serve people.

01: Who Want to Make A Positive Difference

You want to experience leadership. You want to lead well. You are looking for ways to improve your competence.

And you are committed to develop leaders in your organization. You are looking for ways to improve the ability of your managers, supervisors, and staff to get things done.

You are not just looking for another popular leadership training program, another outdoor team building activity, or another canned seminars.

02: Who Want Real Positive Change

More than 90% of learning happens outside the training room. You are looking for effective interventions so you can change behaviors and shake fixed mindsets.

Learning how to become a better leader is a journey. There is no canned program that can transform leaders from good to great. Leaders have to experience their journeys, and when necessary, to walk with someone like me.

I work with my people-focus clients in defining problems, discovering opportunities, and designing solutions. I also work with consultants whose experiences I will never have because I will not be in this place forever.

03: Who Want Something that Works

But not everyone knows what that something is. And in the absence of knowledge, many decision makers find training vendors who are just too willing to sell their training programs.

Have you heard or read about competency-based learning programs? You know that helping leaders become competent doesn’t begin and end in sending employees to leadership training so they become leaders.

Leadership training not how you build competent leaders in the workplace. Unfortunately, many managers and even workplace learning professionals do not know this.

04: Who Challenge the Status Quo

You do not want to short-change your organization. You will create more opportunities and better learning experiences for employees of your organization.

I know. I’ve been in that situation, too.

Corporate Clients

Since 2007, I have worked with hundreds of organizations in the Philippines and abroad. These are multinational companies, small businesses, local governments, government agencies, and non-government organizations.

I partner with organizations that value people development and nation-building.

Experience world-class training in the Philippines.

The best training programs we can give to leaders help them get started, build momentum, and make breakthroughs.

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