Moving Forward

Though most of us want to bounce back, that is not possible. But there is something better we can do. We can bounce forward. Two times a week, I write about ways to bounce forward.

Goals 2021

Here is the result of my first brainstorm for 2021 goals. See if there is anything we can start working together.

write your goals for 2021

Bounce Forward Webinars

I will host webinars for Filipino professionals starting in September 2020. I will show a step-by-step guide on how you can manage the crisis, control your situation, and leap forward.

free webinars

A call for voluntary ECQ

How are you today? I pray that you are safe wherever you are. Three days ago, medical workers urged the government to declare ECQ in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. ECQ will delay the spread of the Coronavirus. Medical workers know that ECQ is not a solution. But it is a necessary step so the …

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Do what is best for you.

It’s six in the morning. I told myself to stay positive this day. I will not pay attention to the negative things that happened in the past few days. I did not watch the SONA of the President. I had enough of his late-night conferences. But this is easier said than done. Old habits will …

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Dream Great Dreams

Those who think of negative things every day are dreaming about negative things. Those who look for opportunities during this crisis are dreaming great dreams.

dream great dreams

Buy local.

Three-fourths of the money we use to buy local products stay with the community.

Explore with your family your local options.

Online buyers beware.

Business is good for Lazada. Their delivery van goes around the neighborhood each day. The delivery man said that he now serves more than a thousand orders every day. That means some household order more than one. We can say the same for other delivery services like Shoppe Philippines. And then, you have enterprising people …

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Don’t spread doom.

Be careful with what you read.

Unlike in the olden days, you can fact-check what you read. When something is too good or too bad to be true, it is not true.

this man is afraid of something i do not know

You are in control.

Many Filipinos find themselves helpless.

Some say that they no longer know the days of the week.

Every day seems to be the same.

It is OK to say NO

As professionals, we must say yes to opportunities. Saying YES makes us more creative and innovative. But saying YES to everything isn’t healthy. This is because not everything we must do is equal. This is because not everything that is offered to us can make us grow. This is because we cannot do everything and …

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