Be a Motivator

A good leader is an excellent motivator. Discover new ideas, tools, and new studies on human motivation that can help you engage employees and increase your influence. Explore motivation exercises and prompts to help you get started each day.

how to motivate yourself to work

How to Motivate Yourself to Work

You will get things done if you know how to motivate yourself to work. You will not procrastinate. You won’t have to invent excuses. Instead, you will be a person determined to live a good and fulfilled life.

professionals too busy to manage time

What is more effective than a to-do list to manage your time?

Do you keep a to-do list?  I started using a to-do list more than two decades ago. I was still a seminarian. We practiced listing down everything we had to do because people expected us to serve them all.  Our day starts at four o’clock in the morning and ends at around eleven o’clock in …

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unboss yourself

Inspire people.

The best managers and supervisors are not bosses. They are transformational leaders. They understand that their job in your company is not to report for work. Their main job is to help you develop leaders within the organization.

smiling lady 1

What did you win?

Did you win? is a a good question. A better question is what did you win?

You win when you get what you want. This is why many of us are not happy having something millions of people desire to do, to have, and to be.

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