Live a Good Life

Though most of us want to bounce back, that is not possible. But there is something better we can do. We can bounce forward.

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Life Goes On

Life goes on. Viruses may limit our movements. Governments may lock us down, but we have to keep moving. Humans decided to leave the caves to see the light of day every morning. We farm. We hunt. We live life to the fullest. Life goes on. We cannot stop time. There is no time out …

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Bounce Forward Webinars

I will host webinars for Filipino professionals starting in September 2020. I will show a step-by-step guide on how you can manage the crisis, control your situation, and leap forward.

Online buyers beware.

Business is good for Lazada. Their delivery van goes around the neighborhood each day. The delivery man said that he now serves more than a thousand orders every day. That means some household order more than one. We can say the same for other delivery services like Shoppe Philippines. And then, you have enterprising people …

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