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Most of these resources are free. Others are not. Leaders will find these resources very useful. The list will grow so it is best if you bookmark this page. When you have questions, I encourage you to contact me.

Articles That Inspire

I have written many articles. Some of them are short. Others are long. You can copy them. Use them as prompts for your blog or journal writing. Let each inspire you to become better leaders everyday.

Motivational Speaking

I started as a motivational speaker. The term is a misnomer because no one really motivates people by speaking. People are moved because you offer them solutions to their problems.

But there are many Filipinos who aspire to become motivational speakers. These articles are my gifts to them. Leaders can use them to to keep people motivated.


These articles are practical advice on leadership. You can use them to start your leadership journey.

Be an example to others and keep on learning.

I will push you not to be complacent, to challenge the status quo and innovate. You’ll also learn how to influence and help others become successful.

Personal Mastery

Pursue personal mastery. Okay, call it personal development or personal excellence.

Here, you’ll find steps on how to set your goals, divide them into chewable candies, take action every day and get things done.

You can change anything. You can achieve your dreams. Read these articles and start making change happen.


I have learned how to sell even before I knew my ABCs. I believe I was good in Math because I had to learn how to count when I was very young.

I wrote these articles when I was preparing a team building program for sales people of a real estate company. I gave these articles to them as gifts.

I hope everyone used them so they can make millions of meaningful service.

Team Building

I have been facilitating team building workshops since 2007. I have learned why most team building programs fail and how you can run successful team building.

Here, I will share with you team building principles, some advice on how to run team building programs, and how to recover when your programs are bound to fail. Leaders must build teams.

Yes, these articles are for leaders.


We need great ideas. We need millions of them. And then find some ideas to start with and turn them into business. A business to me is nothing but an idea transformed to serve people.

Here, I share my insights related to leadership, personal development, social change, workplace learning, human resources, and others.

So you can be notified every time I publish, click the bell at the bottom of your browser. You don’t have to give any email. However, if you want to receive updates through your inbox, you can subscribe here for free.


I am fascinated about creating learning experiences that build vital leadership behaviors.

I have delivered hundreds of seminars for managers, supervisors, and staff and have coached dozens of small business owners and you can find the description of some of these programs in this website.

I run bootcamps for team building facilitators, speakers, and trainers. I facilitate workshops and learning sessions.

In 2018, I am starting a new kind of learning experiences called FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Relevant, and Engaging learning sessions.

How can I help?

Tell me about your training goals and leadership projects and we’ll set up a time to talk.



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