Why get a leadership speaker?

You will find few leadership speakers in the Philippines.

This is because many speakers find it easier to talk about motivation or goal-setting. It seems to many that the easiest path to get recognition and to earn money is through motivational speaking. One only needs to read Tony Robbins or T Harv Eker to get started.

But to be a leadership speaker, people expect you to provide leaders in your organization strategies and and tools that can help them solve leadership challenges.

You want the real deal.

Before I continue, let me tell you what the leadership speaker is not.

The job of a leadership speaker isn’t to define for you what leadership is or the various leadership styles written. You can google “leadership” and “leadership styles” in no time.

It is not the job of a leadership speaker to be a comedian. You can always hire a stand-up comedian. Of course, you don’t want a boring speaker. You want to be entertained too. And some excellent leadership speakers are really entertaining.

The leadership speaker doesn’t need to be a champion public speaker. But it is important that a leadership speaker delivers his speeches with clarity and conviction.

The leadership speaker focus on results.

It is the  job and mission of a leadership speaker to help you become better leaders. Your leadership will be measured by your results.  Better leaders inspire people to a shared vision, engage and uplift people, challenge the status quo, and make everyone you lead find the better future they aspire.


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