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Unstuck People from Underachievement

Employees didn’t deliver. Leaders failed to get strategies executed. Managers could not get things done. And it seemed many of them, though they appeared to be very motivated and passionate, were underachievers.

These are some of the observations I get from company executives about their people.

They have good people. But almost always, their people produce less than satisfactory results. This is why, out of desperation, corporate managers get the best motivational speakers in town.

Companies want to get everyone to get motivated and they badly need speakers who can miraculously turn things around. Year after year, they allocate money for motivational speakers in the hope that they’ll finally see some improvements.

Until all speeches sound similar and titles look predictable:

Work Smarter, Not Harder
Big Dreams, Bigger Heart.
Unlimited Motivation.
The Power of Resilience.
The Superpower of Positive Thinking.
Personal Branding.
Financial Freedom.
These are believed to be keys to success. Managers have good intentions for hiring motivational speakers. They’re stuck and they want to get out.

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