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Think Big and Start Small

When training leaders, I encourage organizations to think big and start small. Training must serve to transform the organization as well as the leaders themselves. And it can be done by targeting a few competencies and tiny vital behaviors. Drinking on a firehose overwhelms most of us.

Many leadership training programs are transactional.

These leadership training programs take days, if not weeks, to finish. Students get extensive discussions on leadership theories and models. We know that this teaching method does not work. But trainers use it because leadership training has always been done this way.

Trainers call this Instructional System Design (ISD). But not really. What we usually have is the product of a poor understanding of ISD.

Many trainers use ISD in creating online courses, presenting webinars, and home-study programs. Lessons are long and many. And learners do not get the chance to implement whatever they can remember. They don’t know where and how to start.

ISD remains relevant in technical training. But there are much better (and cheaper) methods.

Develop leader by experience. The picture shows leaders who are happy working together.
Develop leaders. Create an environment for learning.

We learn leadership through experiences. We learn decision-making by making decisions. We learn delegation by delegating tasks. We develop our leadership skills outside of our classroom training experience.

But this kind of learning is often neglected. The good news is that your organizations can design learning experiences to develop leaders who can deliver.

And it is simpler than it seems.

We do not need to reinvent the wheel. Innovative companies have been designing learning experiences and we can learn from them.

Learning Experience Design (LXD) encourages discovery, practice, and iteration. Instead of getting overwhelmed by information, you get to learn few vital behaviors. Leaders get to put in place at once what they are learning.

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