the big picture

Big Picture Leadership

In our everyday leadership, it is helpful that we see things from a helicopter view.

See the big picture from above the ground yet still appreciate the details. You can stop and consider.

Successful leaders see the big picture. They consider the relationship of their organizations with that of the society. They make money and make meaning. They are driven by the desire to serve and make good profit.

The Yakult organization, for example, endeavors to form a happy family and a healthy society within the Philippines and in the world. The Yakult Lady system provides opportunities for women to earn decent living while promoting health in communities.

The YL system was created not only because it is a successful selling strategy. It is the best way to bring fresh Yakult to every home.

Seeing things from the helicopter view will help you consider your employees, management, stakeholders, customers, and the community when you make decisions.

To do this, understand fully the mission and vision of your organization and the life of your community. Consider also the goals of your local government. Find ways to help.


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