think big

Think big and play bigger.

You can learn how to play bigger. Choose experiences that will make you think of new possibilities and immediately create changes in your leadership, your business, and in your life. 

Same-same training programs are around you. Some can help you increase your knowledge. A few can help you improve your skills. And it is very rare that you can find a training provider that will make your play bigger.

That’s because most training programs are designed to meet the minimum requirements of a job. The insecure trainer will overwhelm you with facts. Something akin to drinking from a firefighters hose.

In reality, you don’t need to consume enormous data to play bigger. You only need principles and actions that will really make you play bigger.

It is not your fault. That’s just how it is.

And this is not only in the Philippines. I’ve been to other countries. I can declare that many of our trainers in the Philippines are world-class. But they don’t play bigger. They tend to play same-same. 

I know because for most of my life I had been swimming in play small, safe, and same-same too. I am not more special than you.

I continue to challenge the status quo so I can deliver life-changing experiences to those who join my seminars, workshops, boot camps, and other events.

Think about it. There is no Alibaba if Jack Ma played same-same. No Apple, Facebook, or Google if their founders played same-same.

Find out which experience you can join to help you play bigger.

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